MPower’s Innovation Recognised at the 2013 Engineering Awards

MPower’s Innovation Recognised at the 2013 Engineering Awards

MPower’s Grid Stability System (GSS) technology designed for the TKLN Project

Media Release – Wednesday 28 August, 2013

For Immediate Release

MPower, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tag Pacific Limited and leading power systems provider congratulates Power and Water Corporation on winning the Research, Development and Innovation Award for the TKLN Renewable Energy Project.

The award was won at this year’s Northern Division Engineering Excellence Awards held in Darwin.

MPower designed, installed and commissioned the GSS technology which was utilised in the TKLN Project and is proud to have worked alongside Power and Water Corporation in delivering this project.

The GSS is a renewable energy solution utilising sophisticated control on energy storage that works in tandem with existing off-grid remote area diesel generator systems.

MPower view this system as the future in remote energy solutions, with the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions, eliminate noise generated from diesel power stations and provide dependable power when it’s needed.

The TKLN Project is estimated to save more than 440,000 litres of diesel and 1200 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

MPower Projects Managing Director, Anthony Csillag said “MPower is proud to develop innovative technologies that can be incorporated in off-grid projects, making a positive difference to communities and the environment”.

“The Grid Stability System is unique in that it stores power from solar PV panels and is utilised when it’s required whereas conventional solar energy can only be utilised when the sun is out”, he said.

“We are proud of its innovative approach to compensate for deficiencies in other renewable energy applications on the market”, he said.

The system can compensate for solar power output changes resulting from events such as a passing cloud on a sunny day, by storing or regenerating energy on demand to compensate for intermittent solar power output, stabilising power and minimising the cycling of generators.

MPower has significantly invested in the development of solar power, power storage and power conversion and has combined these applications to form a versatile system that provides return on investment for the end client and MPower.

MPower has extensive capabilities, offering integrated power solutions to a range of industry requirements.

For media enquires contact MPower on +612 8788 4600 or email .


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