Big Solar Defines Renewable Energy in Australia

Big solar defines renewable energy in Australia

Big solar projects will define Australia’s future.

Solar installations are impacting cities of all sizes across Australia and the rest of the world. Their flexibility will shape the future of renewable energy throughout the country.

From small, residential solar arrays to projects large enough to supply power to whole cities, the future will be powered by the sun’s rays.

MPower’s engineers are at the forefront of these renewable energy innovations, and are prepared to supply everything from simple solar panels to hybrid power systems to meet a client needs.

Here’s how the future for these projects is looking:

Big solar set to be the future

Residential solar projects are making a noticeable difference in the way the modern home functions, especially with the help of energy storage solutions . However, Australia’s largest solar projects that will really put the country on the map in years to come.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency reported that nearly 1.5 million households are reaping the benefits of rooftop solar installations, but it’s the utility side of the sector that’s really beginning to step up with regards to innovation.

For example, the organisation reported that the Broken Hill, Nyngan and Moree Solar Farm projects will generate enough energy to power  65,000 households.

These solar power systems combine more than 2 million panels and 175 inverters to ensure dependable delivery.

What does this mean for the future?

One of the major benefits for the country as it adopts more solar projects is an increase in jobs, with these projects demanding the efforts of over 500 builders to get them up and running.

There is also the potential for further investments as the demand for renewable energy solutions grows. The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) believes this should be a priority for all states, following news that some are behind on the uptake.

NECA CEO Suresh Manickam believes this should be a nationwide effort.

“All states and territories need to be doing their bit to encourage renewable energy investment,” he said.

So far, Victoria is acting to ensure it’s part of the country’s renewable future, with The Clean Energy Council praising its ambitious energy target of 20 per cent of total generation. Due to the state’s current reliance on coal, this will require significant investment and a range of new solar projects.

To find out how MPower can help you to be a part of Australia’s renewable energy future, contact the team today.

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