What to look for in an emergency lighting solution

Having effective emergency and exit lighting is a must for businesses looking to stay compliant with regulations. So how do you choose the best option?


Running a business means meeting all manner of compliance obligations – from ensuring health and safety for workers to meeting various taxation requirements. The majority of organisations in Australia operate from a physical location – offices, retail outlets or restaurants, for example – and many businesses open to the public or employees must have emergency and exit lighting installed.

MPower are a long-time supplier of effective emergency and exit lighting solutions for Australian businesses, and our BARDIC brand leverages our technical knowledge and experience to design, engineer and import dependable products utilising both new and traditional technologies. Let’s take a look at what makes our lighting options a compelling choice.

Our BARDIC brand leverages MPower’s technical knowledge and experience.


Efficiency and low maintenance
Meeting compliance with regards to lighting means ensuring that your solutions are functioning correctly at all times. For equipment that is of vital importance during emergencies, this imperative is even more crucial, potentially saving people from serious injury or worse.

Sourceable notes that build-up of dirt and dust is one of the most damaging factors from an emergency lighting efficiency perspective. The decrease of light levels can play havoc with a solution’s effectiveness, potentially dropping below the minimum requirements outlined in Australian Standard AS 2293.3. Our BARDIC range is not only easy to install, but removal for maintenance purposes is designed to be hassle-free, so regular cleaning can happen without delay.


A forward-thinking emergency lighting strategy
People might assume that the emergency lighting industry is relatively static, but it’s a surprisingly robust sector that Research and Markets expects will be worth US$6.68 billion by 2022. That financial health allows manufacturers to devote resources towards research and development, and new innovations are relatively common.

BARDIC is no exception, and our range features some exciting improvements for the future of emergency lighting:

  • Monitoring and control: The WINET Central Monitoring and Control System offers real-time insight into performance of emergency lighting, showing exact location and status reports of all lighting fixtures. Accessible from an array of modern devices, it allows organisations to ensure their compliance obligations are met with ease.
  • Sophisticated, sustainable lighting: The BARDIC LiFePO4WER Range offers twice the battery range of earlier lighting systems, and contains no carcinogens or toxic heavy metals. This safer, greener option also uses energy efficient LED technology, reducing power consumption.

Effective emergency and exit lighting should be on the minds of any business owner in Australia. If you’re concerned your existing solution isn’t up to scratch, get in touch with MPower today.


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