NSW’s largest grid support battery to be installed in the Illawarra region

  • MPower to design, build and integrate a Battery Energy Storage System in the Illawarra region of NSW
  • Principal purpose is grid augmentation
  • System to also feature microgrid functionality


MPower has been awarded a contract to design, build and implement a battery storage network augmentation system for a new residential estate in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. The project will be fully operational by the summer of 2018.


The main objective of the project is to augment the grid in times of peak demand, potentially delaying the need for major capital expenditure associated with growing power demand in this residential area. Of equal importance is the integration of large scale energy storage into the grid. The adoption of this technology is expected to experience exponential growth, with the cost of battery storage continually reducing at the same time as technology improves.


MPower will manage all aspects of the project, from design through to ongoing support and maintenance of NSW’s largest grid support battery system.


The sophisticated system will also be capable of forming its own grid and function as an islanded power system, thereby creating a microgrid. The benefit of the dual mode is its ability to continue to provide power during times of power outages on the main grid.


MPower is an industry leader providing innovative, reliable power solutions on a national and international level. MPower has worked with power utilities for many years, designing and implementing innovative solutions for networks to resolve network constraints and develop new technologies for the future.


Nathan Wise, CEO of Tag Pacific, MPower’s ASX-listed parent commented:
“We are proud to be an integral part of this new and exciting initiative. MPower has a long-standing reputation and an enviable track record in distributed power systems, from large scale solar installations to utility, hybrid and microgrid power systems. The benefits of energy storage are beginning to shine and MPower has unparalleled credentials in this growth area.”


Anthony Csillag, Managing Director of MPower Projects commented:
“There is widespread publicity about energy storage utilising batteries. This project is a shining example of how energy storage can be used for a critical application. It adds a new era technology into the grid that performs like other generators on the network, particularly in relation to network control and protection. The system will also resynchronise to the grid seamlessly to transition from islanded operation to grid connected operation. MPower has enjoyed several recent successes in this area and thrives on the engineering challenges.”


MPower expects other utility providers to expand their horizons into renewables in this way.


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