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BARDIC Emergency Lighting Training Workshops Coming to NSW and VIC

MPower’s BARDIC brand of market-leading emergency lighting solutions has prepared an Emergency Lighting training workshop which provides valuable information relating to the standards and the evolution of new technology. Based on AS2293, the Australian Standard for Emergency lighting, this hands-on workshop will enhance your existing skills, culminating in the ability to design, install and maintain […] ... Read More

MPower launches new 2017 Solar Roadshow with Selectronic

MPower is proud to announce the launch of its 2017 Solar Roadshow in partnership with Selectronic.  The National roadshow will be a series of modules across two days, offering a flexible learning environment dependant on your needs, running from May 31st and finishing on August 11th. The first day of each event will feature the […] ... Read More

What goes into Australia’s solar batteries?

Choosing the right battery type is an essential part of establishing energy storage systems in Australia. What are the benefits of lead-acid and lithium-ion? Installing new energy storage systems in your home or business – or adding batteries to your existing setup – is a great way to get more value out of your renewable […] ... Read More

Could 100 per cent renewable energy be a reality in Australia?

An energy grid based entirely on renewable technology may be considered a pipe dream by some, but new research suggests it may soon be possible. Australia has an impressive track record when it comes to adoption of renewable energy systems; the consensus has generally been that we will always have some level of reliance on […] ... Read More

Easing energy supply problems with battery storage

With gas shortages potentially disrupting the electricity supply on Australia’s east coast, industry leaders are turning attention towards renewable storage. With around one quarter of Australia’s electricity generation coming from natural gas, according to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, it remains the third-largest source we have. A significant number of homes and businesses […] ... Read More

Funding renewable energy in the Pacific Islands

Pacific Island nations face unique obstacles when it comes to adopting renewable energy. How are development banks helping provide necessary funding? In the Pacific Islands, countries pay up to 25 per cent of their GDP importing the petroleum they need for the provision of key services, according to the World Bank. With such high dependency […] ... Read More

As energy prices rise, so too does solar adoption

Rising electricity bills are putting pressure on Australian households, but as the situation escalates, more consumers are turning to renewable energy. Rapidly rising energy prices are an unfortunate reality for many Australians, but technology has evolved to a point where people have the capacity to take matters into their own hands. New research from KPMG […] ... Read More

LEDA Lighting Solutions Becomes BARDIC Agent for South Australia

MPower has teamed with LEDA Lighting Solutions, appointed as the South Australia Agent for MPower’s BARDIC brand of market-leading emergency lighting products and systems. LEDA Lighting Solutions is a growing, South Australian-owned company supporting business in the State.  Its experienced local sales force provides support to both the public and private sector, offering innovative sustainable […] ... Read More

How can you become a solar power trader in Australia?

With the right technology and regulatory framework in place, any home with a solar PV system has the potential to become a neighbourhood electricity retailer. With the right technology in place, you could be your town’s next solar power provider under an peer-to-peer energy trading scheme in Australia. Rather than turning to large electricity retailers, […] ... Read More

MPower Expands its Sales Team in Victoria and Tasmania

MPower is proud to announce the newest members to its product sales team, with the appointment of John Williamson and David Glenn. Covering Victoria and Tasmania, John Williamson will provide technical sales support for Solar products and David Glenn for Battery products. David joins us with over 10 years of experience, managing project sales for […] ... Read More

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