Sentinel Automatic Self-Testing

Sentinel is an automatic self-testing system designed to a world standard to automatically perform routine tests specified by AS/NZS 2293. 

Sentinel eliminates the need for additional wiring or upgrades and can be installed on existing local wiring circuits. The system ensures that fittings meet the discharge test requirements of AS/NZS 2293, including when non-conforming wiring is present and no emergency lighting test switch is installed. 

Once installed Sentinel automatically performs the routine tests required, 120 minutes on commissioning and 90-minute tests every 91 days thereafter. Device statuses are then displayed via the LED indicators. 

Sentinel is now built into our range of PREMIUM Lithium Emergency and Exit Lighting products as standard.


Sentinel can be easily retrofitted into any off-the-shelf BARDIC LiFePO4WER or PREMIUM NiCd Emergency and Exit Lighting.

  No additional wiring required to be compliant - Sentinel active systems can be installed on existing lighting circuits. Easy installation - Sentinel can be easily retrofitted into any existing off-the-shelf LiFePO4WER or PREMIUM BARDIC branded product.
LED status indicators - Recent discharge test results are displayed via the integrated LED indicator.  Testing - Initiates 120 minute discharge test on commissioning and 90 minute discharge test every 91 days thereafter. 
Minimal requirements - Sentinel has no requirement for test switches or an additional wiring circuit for compliance. Standard compliance - Complies with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2293.


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