WiNetRF™ Central Monitoring & Control System

WiNetRF™ Central Monitoring & Control System

A true wireless system requiring no wiring between fittings. Designed to manage and monitor emergency lighting assets remotely and seamlessly. Save time, money and ensures safety standards are followed. Monitor, control and schedule discharge tests on web enabled devices. 

The self-commissioning feature ensures that facilities are being tested to Australian Standards from installation, even before the WiNetRF™ System is commissioned by our expert team, ensuring the building is always compliant.

Building managers can quickly and easily ensure the site’s compliance to testing requirements by scheduling reoccurring site wide self-testing, electronic logbooks, and status reports for the entire system.


Mesh networking technology operates every node as a transmitter and receiver minimising the amount of hardware therefore reducing costs. Each area is managed by a dedicated Smart Area Controller (SMARCO) which performs diagnostics in compliance with Australian Standards and collects data from each connected device.

If one device can no longer communicate via its original path, the system automatically selfheals, redirecting communication via other devices. This ensures that the system is always communicating to the main SMARCO via the optimal route.



  Wireless fidelity - No extra wiring or communication cables between devices. SubGHz frequencies for extended coverage and high penetration through walls & floors. Versatility - Easily retrofitted into BARDIC branded off-the-shelf product. No need for expensive replacement fittings.
Web-Based - Completely customised, embedded within the SMARCO and accessed via most web enabled devices. Total management - Monitor, schedule tests, maintain logbooks and obtain status reports for the entire emergency lighting system.
Off-site commissioning & monitoring – Includes the provision for remote access to complete commissioning or system monitoring, avoiding on-site labour costs. Independent system - Fittings can be removed or added without interrupting the operation of the system.
Cost savings - Greatly reduce manual labour with centralised monitoring. Data integrity - Reduce human error and increase reliability by automating processes and logging maintenance data.


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