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Borri - Three Phase UPS Systems

MPower Pacific has access to a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system solutions, starting from 625A single phase UPS up to 12.8MW on a three phase configuration.  We offer a single phase UPS range from Powercom, which are Line Interactive and Double Conversion topologies, and three phase UPS systems from Borri.


Features and benefits of the Borri UPS range include:

  • High double conversion efficiency and smart on-line mode for low running costs and reducing environmental impact
  • Transformer-free design to reduce weight and size
  • Removable power modules architecture and built-in diagnostics for easy maintenance and very low MTTR
  • Hot connection/disconnection of parrallel units for easy system resizing
  • Full IGBT technology and electronic PFC, ensuring 0.99 input PF and THDi <3% for maximum upstream sources compatibility
  • Accurate battery management providing ripple current minimization charge current/voltage control, as per batteries manufacturer'specifications and automatic/manual battery test for maximum battery expected life preservation
  • High power battery charger, giving long autonomy and low charging time
  • Dual DSP plus microcontroller logics for top performance and reliability
  • CAN-bus based distributed parrellel control, ensuring high load sharing accuracy and no single point of failure in parrallel systems
  • Comprehensive set of communication options for total remote monitoring of equipment operation
  • Fully compliant with all international product standards


For more information, view the range of products below, click here to view our Powercom single phase UPS range, read more about UPS applications here, or contact the MPower Pacific sales team.


UPS 3050 kVA 3/3

Compact, high efficiency UPS with built-in battery

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UPS 6--160 kVA 3/3

Compact, high efficiency UPS with built in battery up to 80kVA

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UPS 200 kVA 3/3

Up to 97% efficiency in a very compact, low noise construction

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UPS 60-300 kVA 3/3

Transformer isolated output UPS fro stringent power conditioning

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UPS 400-800 kVA 3/3

Hi-Power tranformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning

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BORRI B8031/B8033FXS

UPS 10-20 kVA 3/1 3/3

3-Ph in/1-Ph out UPS, with built in battery and modular power modules for easy maintenance

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4.0 UPS, 100 kW to 12.8 MW, totally configurable and quickly scalable, with high efficiency and low TCO. Maximum energy savings together with high quality power for your data center.

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