Trigeneration & Cogeneration Power Systems

Trigeneration & Cogeneration Power Systems

High Efficiency Power Generation

We engineer and design low carbon energy efficient power systems such as distributed trigeneration and cogeneration plants. These plants through the recovery of waste and heat produced from reciprocating gas engines or gas turbines can achieve energy efficiencies near 90 per cent. Power from a traditional coal fired power station can have a net efficiency as low as 25 per cent with high carbon emissions.


Trigeneration is the production of electrical power, chilled water and hot water. Introducing an absorption chiller to the system allows the production of both cold and hot water to the power generation process which can be utilised in a buildings HVAC system or utilised in a manufacturing plant.


Cogeneration is the production of both hot water and electrical power simultaneously. Utilising the waste heat generated by a reciprocating engine or microturbine, provides usable hot water to supplement a facilities heat load.  A well designed cogeneration plant can provide energy efficient power while reducing the cost of power.


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