UNSW Tyree Building Case Study

Case Study CS0022 - UNSW Tyree Building Trigeneration



The University of New South Wales has added a new building dedicated to energy research to their already impressive Kensington campus. The Tyree Energy Technology building was named after Sir William Tyree, OBE (also a UNSW alumni).

The Tyree building (custom designed and constructed by Brookfield Multiplex) is a 6-star Green Star energy-efficient building which will be used by both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for ongoing research into solar photovoltaic technologies, sustainable clean fuels, smart grids, energy storage, energy economics and policy analysis.


A trigeneration system was required to aid in achieving the green star rating required for the building. As the power generation equipment is located on the roof of the building, space combined with noise and vibration levels were challenging.

The integration of the trigeneration plant also needed to be considered when sizing the system because it was important to ensure that the most efficient solution was integrated. By correctly sizing plant, it would not only increase the efficiency of the building but it would also be the most cost effective to maintain and will provide years of reliable service.


MPower’s solution was to integrate an 800kWe MWM gas powered generator which drives a single stage Thermax absorption chiller.

The gas generator is connected to the UNSW campus supply and exports power to the UNSW electrical ring main system when the Tyree building electrical load is lower than the 800kWe that the generator can provide, ensuring the system is running at maximum capacity and efficiency.

The gas generator’s waste heat supplements the building’s hot water boilers during cooler months. When the building requires cooling, the gas generator waste heat is used to drive the absorption chiller which provides chilled water for the building’s cooling requirements. The result is a building that meets the 6 star Green Star rating and demonstrates the trigeneration technology working in conjunction with other energy efficient technologies.


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