Marine & Offshore HVAC Systems

Marine & Offshore HVAC Systems


DESMO has delivered quality turnkey solutions within the marine and offshore industry worldwide. Our level of experience and expertise provides all clients with exceptional reliability and value for money HVAC solutions through:

  •     Professional customer focussed team
  •     Expertise and experience from enquiry to supply
  •     Commercial acumen and competitive awareness
  •     Solutions delivering optimal plant performance
  •     Specialist in petrochemical certifications
  •     Materials certification and equipment documentation
  •     Safety and environmentally aware
  •     Trained and accredited in offshore survival
  •     Quality assured AS/NZS ISO 9001 certified


What We Do

DESMO offers a full turn-key package of offshore HVAC and air conditioning supply to shipyards. Design, engineering and drafting staff are fully qualified and develop preliminary design concepts and briefs into full vessel HVAC system designs together with all system installation details. We have in house engineering resources and expertise to complete all forms of HVAC design and project management works associated with offshore and onshore facilities for the oil and gas industries.

Our engineering staff are familiar with offshore and marine design requirements to regulations of the certification authorities including Lloyds, DNV, BV and ABS. DESMO has established a reputation as a world class supplier of complete offshore HVAC systems for state of the art vessels such as FPSO’s, drillships and semi subs, as well as designs for fixed platforms. We also provide services for naval and defence vessels.


Our Capabilities

DESMO has developed its capability to deliver turnkey solutions. All elements of the project, from inception to end of life decommissioning, are managed in-house by DESMO. Our internal expertise allows for the provision of services for:

  • Complete system mechanical, HVAC&R and electrical engineering
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Design and drafting
  • Installation management
  • Procurement and transportation
  • Commissioning
  • Working procedures, specifications and drawings
  • Quality and safety systems
  • Project management
  • Maintenance - onsite and scheduled
  • Safety standards
  • Global certifications


Project Management and Procurement

DESMO turn-key HVAC&R packages involve dedicated project teams, each with a project manager and a team of specialists in the required disciplines.

From project award, our Project Manager is responsible for every facet of design, engineering, construction, commissioning and client liaison, giving you, as the customer, a single point of contact for each project. Our design and management teams utilise the following:

  • Fully qualified design and drafting personnel
  • Fully qualified HVAC&R, Mechanical and Electrical engineering group
  • Use of latest CAD technology, AutoCAD (2D) and Revit (3D)
  • Carrier E20 heat load program
  • Phoenics Flair CFD modeling
  • Proprietary project management software


Our design and drafting staff are fully qualified in the development of preliminary design concepts and briefs into full vessel HVAC system designs, together will all system installation details. Engineering Services provided to clients include:

  • Preliminary design for tender FEED documentation
  • Full design, procure and documentation
  • HVAC expertise for third party contacts
  • Short or long term on site / off site expertise


Mechanical Engineering

DESMO provide the latest engineering principles, technology and trends into the market. From project award, design, manufacturing, project management, commissioning and spare parts and maintenance management we utilise advanced computer based software packages.

Software packages include Carrier E20 for heat load estimate and Proprietary online project control software.

New plant and equipment technology developed and adopted by DESMO includes use of:

  • Low ozone depletion refrigerants in accordance with the Montreal protocol
  • Advanced compressor technology including computer controlled high efficiency semi-hermetic helical rotor screw compressors
  • State of the art control systems from manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Siemens and Johnson to provide accurate control and monitoring of all installed systems
  • Vairable Air (VAV) systems for reduced central plant sizes due to diversification and reduced energy consumption
  • Variable speed pumping systems to reduce energy consumption
  • Displacement ventilation


Electrical Engineering

The DESMO electrical team can accomplish full turnkey power and control system design and supply to suit your specific project requirements such as PLC and Relay Logic.

Typical electrical design requirements incorporate:

  • Schematic diagrams
  • Electrical loads
  • Electrical GAs
  • Power and control wiring programmes
  • Termination diagrams
  • Control block diagrams


Equipment Manufacturing

DESMO manufactures purpose-built bespoke equipment in accordance with the requirements of most major oil companies and marine specifications. Untis can be manufactured complying with U.S. requirements (typically for U.L. listed componentry), or European Requirements (I.E.C. Cenelec, Baseefa Ex certifications etc) or to Australian Standards. Licensing arrangements also permit the manufacture of Lloyds/DNV certified fire dampers (AOF120) for offshore use.

All equipment is designed to meet the stringent integrity specifications of the marine and offshore industry including construction of HVAC&R units entirely from 316L stainless steel for use in harsh environments, manufacture of plant certified for use in hazardous areas and full compliance with owners specifications and regulations for area classification.



DESMOs wealth of experience and knowledge in the petrochemical industry guarantees that our clients are at the forefront when installing their HVAC&R equipment.

We achieve this through our dedicated team of highly experienced installation supervisors backed by your job-specific, dedicated project engineering team.

Our installation supervisors are available for onshore and offshore work worldwide, and are fully conversant with oil and gas company on-site operating procedures.



DESMO commissioning technicians ensure that all plant supplied operates to design parameters to ensure optimised:

  • Plant performance
  • Comfort conditions
  • Pressurisation criteria
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous testing and certification
  • Safety systems and compliance reporting
  • DDC and PLC programming


DESMO’s commissioning process gives you the reassurance all plant conforms with your specified design requirements and safety regulations, and operates at optimum efficiency. In the event of non-conformance, the commissioning technician will further review the system with the appointed design engineer to identify and resolve any problems.

Our commissioning technicians are available onshore and offshore work worldwide, and are fully conversant with oil and gas company on-site operating procedures.



Our services and spare parts division provides HVAC&R system repairs, maintenance, upgrades and spare parts to a number of well known oil and gas industry companies throughout the world. We are well equipped with the diverse expertise necessary to deliver on this requirement.

Once your asset is operational, maintenance can be most effectively carried out by the organisation that designed and installed the equipment, and this is part of our end-to-end approach.  Engaging DESMO to design, install and maintain your equipment helps ensure prompt resolution for any urgent failures, as the information needed to resolve the issue is readily available to service personnel.  DESMO’s professional service personnel mobilise internationally to any port of call for HVAC&R system repairs, maintenance and upgrades.

Our services include:

  • Global 24-hour emergency response, repairs and spare parts
  • Planned maintenance, including plant life-cycle analysis
  • Capital works upgrades and refurbishments
  • Duct cleaning
  • Demobilisation reporting and assessments
  • Detailed site surveys, providing solutions to improve system up-time and reduce costs
  • Client-specific site safety and key performance indicator reporting
  • Global spare parts and logistics
  • Maintenance plans are offered on an emergency, casual or contract basis


Spare Parts

Replacment parts are a critical element to maintain the HVAC&R conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

DESMO have a dedicated efficient spare parts team, servicing customers around the globe, from the smallest electrical relay through to major replacement items. Spare parts can be provided on scheduled priced agreements, or on an as-needed emergency basis and includes:


  • Worldwide sourcing capability for all makes of equipment
  • Extensive product knowledge backed by in-house engineering
  • Development of operational and critical spare parts interchangeability registers
  • Explosion proof (ex-rated) supply to meet with specific zone requirements


Our Track Record

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