Gorgon LNG Project Case Study

Case Study CS0002 - Gorgon LNG Project


Client: Areva T&D Australia Limited
End user: Chevron Australia
Year of Completion: 2012


DESMO successfully bid for the provision of HVAC systems serving the substation buildings required for the Chevron development of the Gorgon natural gas field.

The Gorgon project is one of the world's largest natural gas projects and the largest single resource natural gas project in Australia's history.

DESMO was commissioned to provide the design, supply, installation and commissioning of 35 climate control  and building pressurization systems.  The substations were prefabricated in Newcastle and Brisbane, and shipped in a completed state to Barrow Island, Western Australia.

Project Details

Major Equipment Supplied

  • Air-cooled indoor PAC unit: 70 (70-90kW)
  • Air-cooled outdoor condenser unit: 70 (70-90kW)
  • Fresh air fans: 70
  • Gas dampers: 70
  • Volume control dampers: 105
  • Shut-off dampers: 70
  • Pressure relief dampers: 35
  • Grilles/diffusers: 350
  • HVAC control panel: 35
  • Instruments: 35 lots
  • Filters: 140
  • Ductwork and insulation: 35 lots
  • Refrigeration pipework systems: 35 lots
  • Electrical and controls: 35 lots

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