North Rankin 2 LQ Case Study

Case Study CS0005 - North Rankin 2 LQ


Client: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
End user: Woodside
Year of completion: 2011


The North Rankin 2 Project is Australia's largest offshore project and is located 137km off the north-west coast of Western Australia. The project aims to extract remaining low pressure gas from the ageing North Rankin and Perseus gas fields, extending the supply of gas for another 25 years. The project implemented new facilities including the installation of a second platform, North Rankin B which connected to the existing North Rankin A platform with a 100m bridge. In addition, the projected included production facilities including gas-condensate coolers and separators, three 27 MW compression trains and power generation, a helicopter-deck and living quarters.


HVAC Systems for Living Quarters and Topside

DESMO was responsibile for the living quarters HVAC systems detailed engineering and supply of all materials and equipment as per the design and environmental conditions specifications. This included flawless start up, factory acceptance testing, fabrication, documentation, preservation and compliance with HSE.


Major Equipment Supplied

  • Air handling units: 2 x 1049kW, 2 x 339kW and 2 x 278kW
  • Water cooled chillers: 2 x 1805kW
  • CAV reheaters - cabin: 88
  • Exhaust fans: 11
  • Duct heaters: 27
  • Ventilation fans: 6
  • Chilled water pumps: 2
  • Fire dampers: 104
  • Volume control dampers: 105
  • Shut-off dampers: 45
  • Pressure relief dampers: 5
  • Grilles and dffusers: 1 lot
  • Expansion tanks: 3
  • Buffer tanks: 1
  • Valves: 1 lot
  • Instruments: 1 lot
  • Fresh air intake system: 5



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