Umm Shaif Gas Processing Facility Case Study

Case Study CS0003 - Umm Shaif Gas Processing Facility


Client: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
End user: ADMA-OPCO
Year of Completion: 2009


The Umm Shaif Gas Injection Facilities (USGIF) project is the first phase of a major redevelopment of the Umm Shaif Field, located in the Abu Dhabi sector of the Arabian Gulf. The USGIF facilities comprise a compression platform (CP-1), a collector separator platform (CSP-1) and an accommodation platform (UAP). CSP-1 is linked by bridge to the existing Umm Shaif Super Complex. The facilities received, dehydrate and re-inject 219 BSCF per annum of gas into the Umm Shaif reservoirs to maintain and enhance existing oil production.

Project Details

DESMO was commissioned to provide HVAC and mechanical design, detailed engineering, equipment procurement, fabrication, painting, insulation, factory acceptance testing, documentation, identification, preservation, and delivery.  HVAC systems were provided for UAP, CP-1 and CSP-1. DESMO was also commissioned to provide ongoing warranty and maintenance services.


Major Equipment Supplied

  • Air handling units: 2 x 861 kW and 2 x 400 kW
  • Air cooled chillers (base case): 2 x 1644 kW
  • HVAC PAC units, split type: 2 x 238 kW and 2 x 251 kW
  • CAV reheaters - cabin: 53
  • Exhaust fans: 10
  • Return fans: 10
  • Ventilation fans: 6
  • Chilled water pump: 2
  • Fire dampers: 201
  • Volume control dampers: 184
  • Shut-off dampers: 42
  • Pressure relief dampers: 17
  • Grilles/diffusers: 1 lot
  • Heat exchangers: 1
  • Expansion tanks: 1
  • Dosing tanks: 1
  • Valves: 1 lot
  • Instruments: 1 lot
  • Fresh air intake system: 3
  • Remote site control units: 20
  • Air filters: 10


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