Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

MPower leads the way in designing and manufacturing energy storage systems for power utilities and renewable energy developers.  Applications cover residential to utility-scale, on and off-grid including peak lopping, ramp rate and stability control, production shifting, back-up or islanded operation and grid support for rural Singe-Wire Earth Return (SWER) networks.


Large Scale Energy Storage


Even in the most remote locations, we can deliver renewable energy solutions. Our Grid Stability System (GSS) technology frees communities reliant on diesel generation, significantly reducing carbon emissions. and creating financial savings.

MPower significantly invests in research and development, to integrate technologies that enable energy storage. We lead the way in designing and manufacturing systems for power utilities and renewable energy developers that cover residential to utility-scale, on and off-grid.

Our award winning and patented Grid Stability System (GSS) technology is changing the future for renewable energy; advanced lithium polymer or lead acid battery technology is integrated with PV, transforming once fuel dependent communities that relied only on diesel generation.

The GSS works in tandem with existing  diesel generator sets, utilising stored solar energy to significantly reduce carbon emissions and producing financial savings with fast payback periods. In essence, the GSS manages solar generation plants and incorporates the accommodation and control of battery energy storage. Its the way of the future in energy storage and is suitable solution for remote and off-grid regions.

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Grid Stability System (GSS)

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Residential Energy Storage

MPower has developed a small-scale battery energy storage unit for residential and distributed utility applications. The Battery Energy Storage (BES) provides seamless power on demand, smoothly transitioning from grid electricity to stored power in high demand periods, preventing power outages and increasing availability of power on the main grid.

Incorporating flexible, scaleable, open architecture with ingenuity, this small system provides big solutions for the urban electrical infrastructure.

Developed to meet the needs of all users within the electricity chain, the BES range is designed as a ready application or a full turn-key solution.

The energy storage unit is equipped with remote wireless communication, and System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), to enable utility monitoring and control and advanced lithium ion batteries for longer cycle life and smaller footprint.

  • Optimised remote/wireless communication with SCADA monitoring and control
  • Advanced lithium ion batteries for longer cycle life and smaller footprint
  • Solves many utility load management issues - reducing power at peak load periods
  • Flexible, scalable infrastructure to suit urban electrical infrastructure
  • Optional full turn-key
  • Customised designs for unique specifications
  • Low maintenance

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