Mobile Floodlight Trailer Case Study

Case Study Mobile Floodlight Trailer - Military Power Generation Systems



In 2007, MPower stamped its mark on the title of market leader in the domestic power generation industry by securing the contract to design, manufacture and supply Mobile Floodlight Trailers to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). MPower has been the sole supplier of portable power generation systems to the ADF since 1994. The original Mobile Floodlight Trailer prototype contract was awarded in 1998 with various designs put forward to the ADF. The prototype development was slow primarily due to the arduous requirements of such a product tested and evaluated on each manual design.



MPower designed and manufactured the Mobile Floodlight Trailer with minimal manual prototype simulation. The Mobile Floodlight Trailer complies with military specifications radio frequency interference MILSPEC 461E, vibration and shock loading and environmental specifications of -6°C to 40°C. It is an internationally unique product that enables the Australian Army to conduct missions with rugged, reliable equipment and supply electrical power and light to remote hospitals and field camps. Upon ADF acceptance of the final product design, the project took approximately 20 months to complete.


The Mobile Floodlight Trailer is an all-terrain, rapidly deployable area lighting system capable of withstanding tropical climates and high altitudes. It was designed to MILSPEC for the Australian Defence Forces with a hydraulically operated mast that extends to 8.7m high. It is a completely self contained unit capable of illuminating an area of 100m wide by 150m long or provide 6.5kVA power export. The project highlights MPower’s skills in the design, manufacture, test and commissioning of products with the associated stringent documentation requirements associated with Defence Projects.



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