Solar & Renewable Energy Power Systems

Solar & Renewable Energy Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

In the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island markets it is hard to find a solutions provider that understands power the way we do.  From large scale commercial through to stand alone and remote renewable power solutions, we have the team, resources, alliances and most importantly the experience in delivering projects to some of the  biggest corporates; they place trust in us to deliver a more sustainable energy future.

Our team includes solar architects, procurement specialists, project managers and installers who have extensive experience in both the solar and traditional energy industries. Together, they are responsible for the design and construction for some of Australia’s largest and complex solar systems in Australia.

We take pride in delivering long term savings in costs and greenhouse gas emissions through simple and rewarding solar solutions to all our customers including industry, governments or communities.

Commercial Grid Connect 

Working with architects, engineers and electrical consultants, MPower's solar engineers can assist with sizing, costing and specifications for installing photovoltaic solar energy systems on a wide range of commercial buildings.

MPower has delivered many turn-key commercial solar power systems from concept stages through to commissioning. We also design and install our solar power systems using industry best practice standards and guidelines. With a Quality System accredited to ISO9001, MPower can be relied on for supplying the best solar solutions for important and very public building projects.

MPower also has a range of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products which can provide design solutions for architects and designers to achieve a high level of aesthetic integration of solar energy features into the building design. Notable projects include:

  • Adelaide Airport  
  • City of Whyalla
  • State Library of South Australia
  • Adelaide Bus Terminal - Read the case study
  • Campbelltown Council Library South Australia
  • Border Express 

Industrial Solar Power Supplies

MPower is committed to finding solutions for power needs in the commercial and industrial sectors. From the development of solar powered air compressors to irrigation inverters to portable communications power supplies, MPower have assisted many companies to implement their ideas.

With access to solar technology around the world, we are able to source equipment, or develop innovative approaches for your power needs.

Good design is based on sound engineering with innovation. With over twenty years experience in the industry, MPower has the capability to deliver high reliability with cost effectiveness. 

Solar is not just for remote areas. Many solar applications are close at hand, where the cost of laying mains cables are high. Sometimes by exploring cost-effective ways to reduce the electrical load while still achieving the same end result, we can make a difficult application viable through the use of solar technology. Notable projects include:

  • Moomba-Sydney pipeline corrosion protection
  • SW Victoria gas fields
  • SA Water corrosion protection
  • Moomba gas fields telemetry & communications

Commercial Stand Alone Power Systems

MPower is accredited and experienced in the design, supply and installation of stand-alone 240vAC power systems for remote facilities. These systems utilise high efficiency sine wave inverters to provide continuous, reliable and clean 240v power. 

For sites with heavy day-time consumption that require diesel generating sets of 100kW or more, MPower can design battery-less systems that can reduce fuel consumption by 20-40%. Such systems are far more cost effective as they are much cheaper up-front and do not have ongoing costs for the scheduled replacement of battery banks. Also, the standard inverter warranties are typically 10-years with upgrade warranties available for up to 25 years in total to match that of the solar modules. Notable projects include:

  • Oraparinna Homestead
  • Southern Ocean Lodge
  • One Tree Island Marine Research Station
  • Stuart Creek Station
  • Cape Cassini Wilderness Lodge
  • National Parks Rocky River Staff Houses
  • ARTC 20kW Solar Power System

Hybrid Power Systems

Stand-alone power systems which utilise energy storage and static power converters can increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of operating some power plants.  MPower are diesel integration specialists, and applications in this area include shipboard power systems, diesel or gas replacement for remote power stations, variable speed generators and remote area power supplies (RAPS).

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