Border Express Case Study

Case Study CS0020- Border Express - Commercial Grid Connect



Border Express is one of Australia’s largest privately owned interstate transport and distribution companies, with freight terminals and warehouse facilities across the country. After the Adelaide branch had undertaken an energy efficiency audit, they were looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO² emissions with a target for the warehouse to be carbon neutral.   

MPower was contracted to install a 9.88kW solar grid connected system consisting of 52 x BP Solar 190W modules located on the roof of the main warehouse. Data from the array, including relevant weather conditions affecting generation such as wind speed, ambient temperature and irradiance are fed to the sunny web box to allow the data to be monitored on the local network or remotely via the internet.

Site Details

  • Azimuth -100
  • Inclination 70
  • No Shadings

System Features

  • Size: 114kWp
  • Area: 1170m²
  • Estimated electricity generated: 160MWh per year
  • CO² reduction: Approximately 160 tonnes per year
  • System Components: 760 x BP3150 multicrystalline solar panels
  • 19 x SMC6000 from SMA
  • Data acquisition equipment
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