Campbelltown Council Library, SA

Case Study CS0019 - Campbelltown Council Library, SA - Commercial Grid Connect



South Australia’s Campbelltown Council was looking to further reduce its carbon footprint and the large roof area of the Council Library building was an ideal option for the solar power system.   

MPower was contracted to install the 50kW solar system for the Campbelltown Council Library over a period of four weeks finishing in December 2010. The system was connected to the mains network and data logging commenced from February 2011. The 276 Solar modules were divided into six sub arrays mounted direct to the roof at a ten degree pitch. The six sub arrays are wired to six inverters, three SMA Sunny Mini Central SMC6000A and three SMA Sunny Mini Central SMC10000TL.

The data from all the inverters is collected by a sunny web box; this device allows the combined or individual inverter energy data to be accessed by the building management system, the internet, or viewed on the 52” Plasma TV screen in the library reception area.

System Features

  • Size: 50kWp
  • Area: 1100m² (including the solar array frames)
  • Estimated electricity generated: 70MWh per year
  • CO² reduction: approximately 70 tonnes per year
  • System components: 320 x BP3155N multicrystalline solar panels
  • 8 x 6kW SMC6000A inverters
  • Data acquisition equipment




  • Approximate annual energy production: 68,700 kWh
  • Average daily energy production: 188.2kWh
  • CO2 emissions reduction: 68.7 Tonnes





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