Oraparinna Homestead Case Study

Case Study CS0013 - Oraparinna Homestead - Commercial Off-Grid


The Oraparinna Homestead and Shearers Quarters is a Department of Environmental and Natural Resources property located north of Wilpena Pound.

The property includes several houses and buildings and is used for surveys and animal control. The site was originally powered solely with diesel generation however this was upgraded to a diesel-battery-inverter system as Stage one of the project. The design brief of the second stage, incorporation of photovoltaic panels, was to cover 90 per cent of the average site load.

Due to extensive rock at the array location, the concrete footings were poured into above ground form-work. Losses from the DC cable runs were minimised due to the use of AERL MPPT solar regulators being able to operate at a typical 375V input whilst charging the 120V nominal battery bank with 99 per cent efficiency.


  • Annual energy production: 35,800kWh
  • Average daily production: 98.1kWh
  • Nominal daily load: 109kWh
  • Annual CO2 emissions saving approx: 43,000kg
  • Annual cost saving: $20,000

System Features

  • PV system power: 30,720W
  • Solar array: 192 x 160W BP Solar BP3160J
  • Type of cell technology: Multi-crystalline
  • Solar regulator: 16 x AERL Coolmax 2500BXHV
  • Inverter (existing): Power solutions RAP-20-120-3 Inverter Charger
  • Batteries (existing): 120 x Sonnenschein A600S/1700




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