State Library of SA Case Study

Case Study CS0015 - State Library of South Australia - Commercial Grid Connect



Type of Project: Commercial Grid Connect
Client: O’Donnell Griffin for Capital City Committee
System Location: Kintore Avenue, Adelaide
Designer/Installer: MPower
Installation Date: July 2005

The Government of South Australia encourages the use and the development of solar energy on South Australian government buildings, particularly in the North Terrace Solar Precinct. With this project, the Government of South Australia aimed to:

  • Show environmental leadership
  • Invest in the future for renewables in South Australia
  • Optimise power generated on the roof
  • Assist South Australia to remain as the national leader in grid connect solar power


  • Annual energy production is 28664 kWh/year
  • Average daily production is 78.5 kWh/day
  • C02 emission saving is approximately 31530 kg/year
  • Cost saving: $5,160 per year

System Features

  • PV system power: 18.5 KW
  • Solar array: 116 x 160W Suntech solar modules
  • Cell technology: Monocrystalline silicon
  • Frame: Angle frame 30° designed by Solaris Technology
  • Inverter: 2 Fronuis IG40 and 2 Fronius IG60
  • Monitoring: Fronius IG Access data logging of PV power, ambient temperature and solar module temperature
  • Communication: Dedicated computer inputs data onto an accessible website


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