Westmead Millenium Institute Case Study

Case Study CS0025 - Westmead Millenium Institute (WMI)


Westmead Millennium Institute (WMI) is one of the largest and most productive medical research institutes in Australia, conducting world class biomedical, population health and translational research.

WMI is closely affiliated with Westmead Hospital and the University of Sydney, making the Institute a leading medical and training facility in Australia, enabling biomedical discovery, development of new prevention strategies and diagnostic treatments.


With a need to expand the research facilities, a new building was constructed, allowing the Institute to develop the scope of research conducted. The new multi-storey building is significant due to its unique position, located on the Southern Hemisphere’s largest public hospital campus that is home to Westmead Hospital, The Children’s Hospital, Children’s Medical Research Institute and Kid’s Research Institute.

MPower was contracted by Stowe Australia and the Abi Group to design, install and commission a 1500kVA diesel emergency generator system that would provide the essential power to the brand new multi-storey medical facility. The contract was awarded in November 2012 and was valued at approximately $600,000.


The WMI relies on seamless power connection to conduct integral medical research at the facility at all times. With this in mind, the design needed to incorporate a system that would provide dependable power to the entire facility building. Most generator systems only provide minimum power to essential services such as lifts and lighting. Within this design, MPower ensured the entire facility continues to receive power in the event of a power outage. This required a heavy duty system that could generate enough energy to reach every level in the building.


To ensure all vital equipment continues to be powered in an outage, a 1500kVA diesel emergency system that incorporates a 5000 litre underground fuel tank and an 800kw test-load-bank was engineered. The system provides essential power for approximately 12 hours in a power outage and the test-load-bank ensures the system can be well maintained and operates effectively should the system be utilised in an emergency.

Design Features

A feature in the design and engineering of this system is the integration of pipework that connects from the fuel tank to the generator system. As the building is eight storeys high, (approximately 48 meters), the pipework needed to travel through the infrastructure of the building, reaching from the ground level where the underground fuel tank is located, to the rooftop where the generator is housed.

As the building is located within a residential area, the noise levels needed to be kept to a minimum. Incorporated into the design was a custom built enclosure that restricts sound pressure to 75dB(A). The enclosure was designed to blend in with the architecture of the building and fundamentally minimise the noise levels produced when the system is in use.

Considering the space of the site is restricted, the design incorporated a mighty amount of power in a small amount of space. The finished unit measured in at 9m in length, 2.4m depth and 4m high and weighs in at 6.45 tonnes.

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